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About this site

A note about this website.  This site uses responsive markup, it's a Zen sub-theme , so that it appears appropriately on handhelds.  Resize the screen to see the collapsing and stacking elements.  The animated butterfly (mouseover to engage - mouseout to halt) was created in Flash with a standard tween, and exported as a spritesheet and javascript code using Createjs, then coded manually to rig the mouse functions.  This is a Drupal 7 website installed with Drush and managed from the command line.


Pulse of the Planet

Built sound file management system to coordinate with offline database, using XML generated from database for export and import. Custom e-commerce application.  Custom search based on Sphyder, later configured Google Search. A variety of forms. Special modules for educational resources including lesson plans, delivery and administration parts.  Very unlikely to be hacked since it is a custom system and not well known to anyone.  Liberal use of Smarty templates.  Lots of javascript.  Provided migration from shared hosting to VPS, and linux administration maintenance and setup.  Database and programming designed specifically to work well with offline Filemaker Pro database which can export to XML.  Wrote a series of programs which restructures the xml for consumption by MySQL, including sanitizing copy, replacement of special characters, and chunking large data into small packets with online execution in the browser (saves memory failures).

Pulse of the Planet Website